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Refrigeration equipment - Throttle valve

Refrigeration equipment - Throttle valve

throttle valve is an important part in refrigeration Settings, it and collectively known as compressor, condenser, evaporator refrigeration four parts. Output is the role of the condenser of saturated liquid throttling, change its evaporation pressure and evaporation temperature. According to the change of the load, regulating the flow of evaporator refrigerants. If

the throttle for fluid volume than the super evaporator evaporation capacity, so part of the industrial ice machine can't fully evaporation and be back with gas industrial ice machine compressor, it will produce wet press or hydraulic hammer. If for fluid amount is less than the evaporator evaporation capacity, so will lead to the evaporator failed to make full use of its function, easy to cause the evaporation pressure is low. So that the refrigeration effect is poor, high discharge temperature of compressor, affect the normal lubrication compressor.

the current mainstream of the throttle valve is capillary throttling and expansion valve throttle, another is a floating ball valve.

capillary capillary throttle valve refers to a pipe heart very thin hollow tube, it is mainly used for small hermetically sealed device, its not easy to malfunction, reliable running and be used, but its control performance is poor, so can only be used for temperature change range of small a small device.

the thermal expansion valve of the evaporator outlet refrigerant gas heat to automatically adjust the throttle of supply within the evaporator refrigeration flow. Its characteristic is provided can fully sharpened into a gas liquid refrigerant in the evaporator, give full play to the heat exchange performance of the evaporator. Its regulating mechanism is the use of thermal bags working medium induction to the ambient temperature as the sensor signals, and translated into pressure to adjust open abdominal distension of the orifice in the valve seats, thus effectively regulate the amount of circulating industrial ice machine.

floating ball valve flow control of the throttle valve is according to the liquid level change. Mainly use the free fluid in the evaporator, chi points and intercooler. Mainly used in ammonia refrigeration device.
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