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Refrigeration equipment - The refrigeration system

Constantly in the refrigeration system in circulation so as to realize the substance called refrigerant refrigeration purposes, namely complete thermodynamic cycle working medium in the refrigerator. Learn it in low temperature by cooling heat of the object, and then transferred to the cooling water or air at higher temperatures. In vapor compression machine, can use at normal temperature or low temperature liquid working substance as industrial ice machine, such as freon ( Saturated hydrocarbons of fluorine, chlorine, bromine derivatives) The azeotropic mixed working medium ( A mixture of two kinds of freon according to certain proportion of azeotropic solution) , hydrocarbons ( Propane, ethylene, etc. ) , ammonia, etc. ; In the gas compression machine, the use of gas refrigerants, such as air, hydrogen, helium, etc, these gases is always in the refrigeration cycle gas; In absorption refrigerating machine, the use of absorbent and refrigerant binary solution as working medium, such as ammonia and water, silver bromide and water; Steam jet refrigeration machine water as refrigerant. Main technical indicators are saturated vapor pressure of refrigerant, specific heat, viscosity, thermal conductivity, surface tension, etc. For the application of non azeotropic mixed working medium large amounts of experimental study, and has been used in the liquefaction of natural gas and its separation and so on. Application of non azeotropic mixed working medium single stage compression can get very low evaporation temperature, and can increase the capacity, reduce power consumption.

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