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Refrigeration equipment - The filter

Filter is used to remove mechanical impurities in refrigerants such as metal chips, scale, etc. Filter consists of gas filters and liquid filter two kinds.

gas filter in the compressor suction piping or compressor suction cavity, in order to prevent the machine into the compressor cylinder. Liquid filter is generally installed in front of the regulating valve or automatic control valve liquid pipelines, in order to prevent contamination jams or damage to the valve. Wire mesh filter is used to block the dirt. When installing the filter, should pay attention to the direction of industrial ice machine flow. The industrial ice machine from the filter net outflow of introversion.

dry filters are used in freon refrigeration system, installed in the liquid line prior to or expansion valve throttle valve is used to remove moisture from the industrial ice machine liquid and solid material, to ensure the normal operation of system.

in the import and export of filter drier outside have filter, in a solid desiccant filter, freon liquid from imported into, after filter and the role of the desiccant, after remove mechanical impurities and moisture by the flow of liquid. Now the mainstream of the filter drier is usually sealed, not detachable handling.
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