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Refrigeration equipment - The evaporator

Evaporator as one of the four big refrigeration, heat exchange role in the refrigeration system. It is primarily through the throttling after low temperature low pressure liquid industrial ice machine in the cold from its evaporation by throttle absorption is cooling the physical quantity of heat, the temperature drop in the material, the effect of refrigeration. The lower the evaporation temperature by cooling the lower the temperature of the material will be ( Normally evaporation temperature equals the lowest temperature by cooling material minus ten degrees) 。 According to the

evaporator cooling liquid cooling medium into the evaporator ( Such as: water, alcohol) And the cooling air in the evaporator.

the cooling of the liquid in the evaporator is the most common in the cold water machine, it appears in the form of a coil or 売 tube. Coil evaporator is mainly used for small freon refrigeration system. Is composed of a group or several groups of brass or stainless steel tube through the serpentine coil made of pipe bending machine. Because the cooling agent in the loop of the flow resistance is bigger, the velocity is slow, make this part of the coil can not make full use of the heat transfer area, the average heat transfer coefficient is low. Cooling air inside the evaporator of the air conditioning indoor machine used in our daily life of the main device is the control circuit and evaporator and score. Air cooling evaporator is mainly used in air conditioning and refrigeration, appearance and shape and fin condenser affinity ( Personal understanding: under certain conditions and also can be used temporarily evaporator condenser) 。
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