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Refrigeration equipment - The condenser

In evaporation compressor refrigeration device, in addition to the compressor and throttle body, there are a lot of equipment. These devices in the system can be divided into two categories: one is the condenser, one kind is the evaporator, these are essential to complete the refrigeration cycle of equipment.

is the role of condenser compressor discharge of high temperature and high pressure steam cooled and condensed into liquid refrigerant overheating. in the condenser heat released by the cooling medium away.

condenser according to the cooling medium and cooling methods, can be divided into water cooled and air cooled, water and air cooled a combination of three types.

water-cooled condensers, heat emitted by the refrigerant in the condenser being taken away by cooling water. Cooling water can flow, also can be recycled. When recycled, you need to set up the cooling tower or cooling pool.

air cooling condenser: heat emitted by the industrial ice machine in the condenser being taken away by air, refrigerant in the cooling tube. This type of condenser has a natural convection air cooling condenser and forced convection air cooling condenser. Usually, the air cooling condenser is also called air-cooled condenser.

water and air cooling condenser: the refrigerant in the condenser discharge heat away, need water and air cooling water spray evaporation, outside the tube absorbs the latent heat of vaporization, make the tube industrial ice machine cooling and condensation, so less water consumption. In this type of condenser water condenser and evaporative condenser of two types
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