Refrigeration equipment on-off control

by:CBFI     2020-10-10
Refrigeration equipment on-off control, common control scheme, with the temperature controller is the temperature of the cooling object, compressor start-stop control, this method is used for small devices, such as ultra-low temperature freezer, cold water machine, small refrigerator, etc.

with temperature controller for control of evaporator liquid line solenoid valve, this method is used to have multiple evaporator to multiple object with cooling and cooling device, each object has its own evaporator and electromagnetic valve, fluid for each object of a temperature controller by electromagnetic valve on-off control of their own, each evaporator stop for liquid, to control the compressor stop work.

when the temperature control method is adopted, consideration should be given to the rolls uneven temperature field, pay attention to the correct selection of the installation of the original heat points, for medium and large cold storage, temperature sensing element in the most can reflect the average temperature of the rolls, for small refrigerator, ultra-low temperature freezer, can put the bulb in the location of the air flow is smooth.

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