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Refrigeration equipment of water supply system

Water supply of cold water machine refrigeration equipment mainly includes: the condenser cooling water, refrigeration compressor cylinder and crankcase of cooling water, evaporator defrosting water supply of water. Under normal working conditions of use too much water temperature, only water is not contaminated. The design of the cooling water system should be according to the refrigerating unit to the requirement of water quantity, water quality, water temperature and water pressure, after knowing the amount of water, water quality, water temperature and water in the form of cooling equipment, after the environmental meteorological conditions, after technical economy comparison.

refrigerating water there are three kinds of commonly used water supply system.

( 1) A water one of the most simple way of water supply. Pumps directly extracted by water into refrigeration equipment, run out the back into the sewer or a combination of comprehensive utilization of farmland irrigation and drainage system. Sufficient for water supply, water temperature suitable for areas.

( 2) Drainage method of circulating water system, cooling water into the refrigeration equipment after use, will be one part of reintroducing refrigeration equipment inlet mixed with fresh water and then into the refrigeration equipment.

( 3) Circulating water system, cooling water recycle, only a small amount of water. Due to low water water, high water temperature conditions, the method of water supply equipment and system more complex. Circulating water system in accordance with the circulating water in the condenser, can be divided into two kinds of, is very weak gravity pressure backwater design scheme.

( 4) Gravity water supply system back, fai water condenser water supply system is gravity. The installation position of the cooling tower is higher than the condenser, water pump will be cool in the pool in the hot water for cooling tower, the cold water by gravity into the vertical condenser, the system only a pool of water, the level of circulating pump.

( 5) Pressure type recycling water supply system, it is horizontal shell and tube condenser circulating water supply scheme, cooling tower in a loop at the top of the pool, circulating in the storage pool of cold water, cooling in the water pump will have cold water pressure directly horizontal shell condenser, in from exports out of hot water into the cooling tower, this system in the whole cycle on the pipeline are under stress
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