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Refrigeration equipment industry the most detailed classification of cold water machine

As the decade of the cold water machine manufacturers, below small make up for everyone to decompose under refrigeration equipment industry is detailed, comprehensive classification, and characteristics of the cold water machine.

a, cold water machine according to the driving power points, can be divided into electric chiller ( Features: steam compression type) And thermal driven chiller ( Features: absorption) 。

electric chiller by compressor is different, can divide again for piston water chiller, screw chiller, the centrifugal chiller, the vortex type water chillers, water source heat pump water chiller. Commonly used this kind of cold water machine evaporator and condenser shell and tube heat exchanger; Throttling device using thermal expansion valve, industrial ice machine freon; With full automatic control, operation control and is equipped with multistage energy regulation.

thermal drive chiller in a different way, according to the heat source can be divided into the adsorption chiller, lithium bromide chiller. And lithium bromide chiller type can be divided into steam lithium bromide chiller, hot water operated lithium bromide chiller, direct fired lithium bromide chiller.

2, chiller according to the heat removal, condensation mode classification, can be divided into air-cooled chiller and water cooled chiller.

air-cooled chiller is made of cold wind vector and condenser heat transfer, the heat into the atmosphere. Water cooled chiller is water and cooling tower heat into the atmosphere.

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