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Refrigeration equipment commonly used refrigerants

is also called the refrigerating agent, commonly known as snow in some areas of the south. It is a cycle in the refrigeration system and through its own change of state in order to realize the refrigeration work material. , ultra-low temperature freezer is now widely used to the cold water machine, freeze-drying machine, such as chromatography freezer refrigeration equipment.
1, the role of the industrial ice machine:
move through the refrigerants in air conditioning/refrigeration unit interior, heat transfer, As refrigerants in air conditioning cold/units of different positions in different states) ;
2, the kinds of commonly used refrigerants:
the refrigerant: disabled R12, R11, R123; Cold media:
are using R22;
environmental protection refrigerant: everything, R407C, R410A, R404A, etc.

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