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Refrigeration dissolved

usually occur because of the heat of chemical decomposition temperature, much higher than its working temperature. Therefore, in normal operation condition, cracking of the refrigerant would not have happened, but in the higher temperature and presence of oil, steel, copper, long time use metamorphism and pyrolysis will happen. , such as ammonia in temperature over the 250 & deg; When broken down into nitrogen and hydrogen; When the propane gas containing oxygen, in 460 & deg; When he began to decompose, 660 & deg; ,830° The complete decomposition; R22, when in contact with iron & 550 deg. Starts to break down.

to water solubility

different industrial ice machine dissolved water capacity. Ammonia water can dissolve many times larger than itself, and generate a solution of freezing point is lower than the freezing point of water, therefore in the functioning of the refrigeration system does not cause icing and betting channels. Freon is difficult to dissolve with water, kindle has kind of refrigerant to dissolve in water. , such as in the 25 & deg; , the water in the main can only be dissolved in the liquid 0. 114 ( The mass fraction) 。 More than the best when the content of the water in the refrigerant, water will exist. When the temperature dropped to 0 & deg; Here, the water will be frozen, betting throttle valve or capillary channel, form & other; Ice plug & throughout; The ice making machine didn't work properly. Table 3. 10 water solubility in the some refrigerants are presented.

water dissolved industrial ice machine will happen after hydrolysis, generate acid products, metal materials, corrosion will contain chlorine atoms refrigerant hydrochloric acid hydrolysis and production, will not only corrosion of metal materials, but also can reduce electrical insulating performance. Therefore, in the refrigeration system does not allow to have the free water
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