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Refrigeration design variables and cold storage and evaporation cycle

A variable. Refrigeration system main parameter adjustment purpose is through the debugging, the system of ling device according to the regulations of the design parameters of the operating mode of the economic and reasonable work, stabilizing the evaporation temperature or pressure, which is a major parameter adjustment refrigeration system

warehouse heat load change

established refrigeration unit, matching or adjust the unloading of

, the change of heat load, and according to the warehouse adjustment amount required for evaporation is between ling, improve the established effective heat exchange area of evaporator area. Heat transfer area of change

when the refrigerator heat load and the refrigerating machine capacity, reduce the evaporator heat transfer area, such as warehouse, evaporation temperature decrease; If heat transfer area increases, the capacity of refrigerating machine should match the heat load of the warehouse. This can be achieved by reasonable match machine and using the energy method such as adjusting device for. Of course, the most main is to have a reasonable design. If the heat load of the same, warehouse and compressor capacity is big, can make the system of evaporation temperature is reduced, or make compressor frost, this is a currency adjustment refrigeration system, refrigeration unit stability is poor. On the other hand, if the chiller capacity are decreased, because the machine failed to suck industrial ice machine gas, formed in the back to the evaporator of will  a very important rule. Evaporation temperature and evaporating pressure adjustable main attention should be paid to the following situation. The evaporator temperature, warehouse drop and pressure drop, then part of the evaporator temperature is difficult.

in addition, when hot warehouse at constant load and machine capacity, such as the surface of oil film evaporator evaporation tube or pipe outside surface frost layer, will also affect the cooling effect and cooling warehouse trapped refrigerating capacity decreases, this is due to increase the gas volume within the evaporator, the refrigerating capacity to reduce the unit volume, therefore, the quality of the refrigerant cycle refrigerating machine hour is reduced;

design requirements evaporation temperature is too high or too low is not correct, can not meet the requirement of the food cold working process, high, low and the index of refrigerator energy running economy worse. Specific performance is as follows:

1) evaporation temperature is reduced, the refrigerating machine is high. Actual operation, the machine capacity and heat transfer area of evaporator are fixed, but the amount of evaporation is less than the compressor suction, so that the gas is overheating, forming steamed, actually it is made of open load cooling overflow tank, cooler with cooling load of the exhaust pipe or dry type air cooling unit into the cooling system.

(2) the evaporation temperature is reduced, compressed gas per kilogram and evaporation temperature rise. Send the temperature changes by expansion valve opening to regulate. If open degree of small, enough for liquid, steam evaporator's evaporation friends WenFa implement effective heat transfer area reducing, suction and exhaust temperature of refrigerating machine. Instead, such as regulating valve open, evaporator refrigerants and the pressure drop, the evaporator heat transfer area became part of the gas

heat exchanger due to load in the cooler ling agent do not contact with air, reduce the dilution of cooling agent and don't often add thick cold agent. in the evaporator pipe, while the compressor is almost an evaporator. Therefore,

to adjust and balance the evaporator for fluid volume and evaporation, play a role of the stability of the evaporator heat transfer area is very important.
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