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Refrigeration and liquid hydrogen

Hydrogen gas, not only can be like up with dreams, love, to fly. As one of the most easy to extract gas, hydrogen research is necessary, if in the refrigeration industry, through the hair should be, hydrogen can change, so, in the cold water machine, freeze-drying machine, ultra-low temperature freezer, application equipment, such as the lyophilizer can have more variation and selection. Also in the human spiritual civilization construction, as well as the physical infrastructure, there will be a revolutionary improvement.

is hydrogen is a mixture of hydrogen and hydrogen secondary.

in is hydrogen, the synthesis nuclear spin number is 1; And the synthesis of nuclear spin in the secondary hydrogen is 0, so the secondary hydrogen energy is lower than that of positive hydrogen.

balance, is the proportion of hydrogen and hydrogen secondary only related to the temperature. At room temperature, the proportion of hydrogen are hydrogen and secondary approximation is 3:1, often referred to as the normal hydrogen. To liquid nitrogen temperature, the proportion of the two kinds of hydrogen nearly equal; When hydrogen boiling point, almost all secondary hydrogen, accounts for 99. 8%. Under a certain temperature, achieve the equilibrium concentration of hydrogen called balance.

if there is no additional conversion device, just from liquefier hydrogen, liquid hydrogen is normal hydrogen which is positive to gradually into ChengZhong hydrogen, the final balance. Released when converting transformation heat 602 j/g, and this value is greater than the gasification of latent heat 451 j/g, which one is hydrogen conversion ChengZhong hydrogen to evaporate more than 1 g of liquid hydrogen, the damage is considerable. If, in the liquefier with catalyst ( Such as activated carbon, ferric oxide, etc. ) Acceleration is - classification Secondary transformation, can get a high proportion of liquid hydrogen containing secondary hydrogen, easy to store a long time.

the boiling point of liquid hydrogen, vapor pressure, the temperature of the triple point, pressure with the ratio of hydrogen and secondary hydrogen is different and there are some changes, such as hydrogen, hydrogen normal boiling point temperature, normal triple point temperature difference is about 0. 1K。 When the required temperature accurately to zero. 1 k or higher, consider the difference.
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