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Refrigeration and environmental protection

Environmental protection

before refrigeration system designers tend to attach importance to environmental protection degree is not enough, today already more and more people realize the relationship between the environment and economic sustainable development, and refrigeration also put forward higher request to the environment. Refrigeration system design, choice of cooling method, therefore, should be seriously considered when several aspects: the selected cooling method in the application of industrial ice machine directly harmful to human and biological; Refrigerants on the environment, such as the greenhouse effect and atmospheric ozone layer destruction; At the same time, also must consider the influence of vibration and noise of running refrigeration equipment.

the system initial investment

to the user, at the same cooling requirements, obviously the less initial investment, the better. Practice shows that for the same capacity, the same temperature range, different cooling methods of one-time investment is not the same, sometimes even vary widely, therefore, out of a typical general situation, should be a comparative analysis of different kinds of refrigeration method. Especially after the construction of refrigeration engineering special requirements, more in-depth analysis of various schemes.

the cost of operation management

for refrigerating capacity big, the running time for the whole year long refrigerating plant, its operation and management cost of high and low is the key of the consideration, is the key to affect the system as a whole economy advantages and disadvantages. Due to the performance and characteristics of various refrigeration methods, year-round operation management fee is not the same. Design choices should be for a variety of solutions for the economic and technical analysis of knowledge.

the operation and maintenance convenience

with different cooling method can design different refrigeration unit, adjust their operation and convenience of daily maintenance are also different. Design system, the operation and maintenance convenience should be considered.

in addition, for special occasions with cold, its selection system considering the focus will be different. If used in medical instruments, national defense military equipment or space technology research, etc. , system economy may not be the most important, and the running safety and reliability will be the final indicators of system performance; Is more emphasis microelectronic device cooling refrigeration device miniaturization and easy operation.

so selecting the appropriate cooling methods, we'll need to fully understand the various methods principle and features, on the basis of the comprehensive survey on the cooling object analysis, comprehensive factors and finalized.
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