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Refrigerant used refrigerator refrigerating capacity

The unit refrigerating capacity with the refrigerant water outlet temperature increases. Is refrigerant water outlet temperature decreases, the temperature falls, the lithium bromide solution cycle changes in enthalpy concentration. Said when the design conditions of lithium bromide solution cycle, when the temperature of the refrigerant water is lower, because the evaporation temperature of the evaporator depends on refrigerant water outlet temperature, evaporation temperature decreases, so the evaporating pressure from p to p concentration of dilute solution by w to w, dilute solution for w - quality score changes W, due to the heat source temperature is constant, strong solution mass fraction w increased slightly, can approximate thought the same, so the solution is deflated range decreases, refrigerating capacity q is reduced, at the same time because of the refrigerant flow is constant, so the loss of refrigerating capacity q refrigerant water outlet temperature again, raising pressure by the appreciation of p p, at the same time, generator, condenser, absorber, there is less heat load, the dilute solution temperature by t t dilute solution reduced to actual quality score difference for w, solution 2 - cycle into a dotted line 5, because w, so the solution actually reduce gas range, refrigerating capacity fell, the lower thermal coefficient.

refrigerant temperature affects the quantity of cold water is in a certain range, because refrigerant through the low water temperature will lead to low evaporation temperature, easy to cause cold water ice. In addition, the refrigerant water temperatures rise by through low mass fraction of dilute solution, solution pump suction empty, cause crystallization: high concentrated solution mass fraction and spent refrigerant water temperature is high, the evaporator cooling water levels fall, cold agent pumped air solution.

if the load is constant, when the temperature of the refrigerant water remains unchanged, the industrial ice machine flow increases, the refrigerant water return water temperature is reduced, heat transfer temperature difference decreases, and refrigerating capacity decline: on the other hand, the refrigerant water cooling medium flow increases, the flow rate of the cold water in the heat exchange tube, the heat transfer coefficient increases, refrigerating capacity increases, on the contrary, the change effect of basic offset, therefore, the change of the refrigerant flow has no effect on refrigerating capacity basically
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