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Refrigerant filling

filling, excessive evaporator liquid level is too high, in the operation of the excess liquid evaporation will continue in the trachea absorption of heat, the muffler as the evaporation duct, the moisture in the outside air is adsorbed on the muffler will condense into frost. Rimes compressor shell, serious when, this is the liquid impact performance. Liquid collision happens, especially easy to damage the compressor air valve, and other moving parts. The system cannot function properly, mild liquid impact, such as wet stroke ( Inhalation moisture gas) , will significantly reduce the refrigeration effect.

industrial ice machine flow rate is too small or insufficient refrigeration dose. The consequences is to make the exhaust temperature rises, refrigerating capacity decline. Its performance for the suction nozzle is not cool, not dew, compressor casing is very hot.

liquid filling method: because it is best to use liquid filling liquid refrigerant charging much faster than with gaseous refrigerant, charging on the liquid line need to have a charging valve. Recommended by dry filter to add liquid. In order to prevent any contaminants into the system due to negligence.
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