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Reciprocating compressor water chillers

In addition to a few exceptions, is used for cold water machine the large capacity of the reciprocating compressor, its principle of work and any other reciprocating compressor system of compressor are exactly the same. The compressor on the basis of the application object, the specifications can be from around 1/2 HP to 150 HP. Many manufacturers have stopped on the large reciprocating compressor cold water machine USES a large capacity of the compressor, and change many sets of small capacity of compressor. Reciprocating compressor is variable volume type compressor, cannot send mercury liquid industrial ice machine, otherwise the compressor will be at the risk of damage.

reciprocating compressor commonly used refrigerants have R - cold water machine 500年,R - 502年,R - 12日,R - A and R - 134 22. Because people there's fears of ozone consumption and global warming, manufacturers adopt like R - now 134 a will not cause damage to the environment, such as a variety of alternative refrigerants and various refrigerant mixture.

large reciprocating compressor adopts multiple cylinders to get transferred to send a large amount of refrigerant required capacity, some of the compressor cylinder for up to 12 this makes reciprocating compressor in order to contain many movement has great internal friction machine components. If a cylinder of compressor fault occurs, so it can form the whole system paralysis, but if use more than one small compressor capacity, even if a compressor failure, other compressor can bear the load. It is for this reason and for capacity control, many manufacturers are using more than one small capacity of compressor.

all the large capacity chillers must have the corresponding measures to control its capacity, otherwise, the compressor will be continuously startup and shutdown occurs mostly due to the vast majority of compressor wear before startup time, oil pressure has not yet been established, so the state must be avoided. The ideal operation mode is to make the compressor on the system continues to run, but in the condition of low capacity of running. Because low volume can also eliminate the compressor shut down and temperature rise, the compressor is start temperature fluctuations.

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