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Recently, in order to strengthen standardization

As the leading ice machine manufacturer with high technology, Mr. Peng Guanghui, the general manager of Guangzhou CBFI ice maker Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. said that safety in release is an important guarantee for the development of establishment. Over the years, CBFI ice maker always insist on the driving principle of 'safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment within. In accessory to persevere on which the implementation in the associated security law regulations and regulations, CBFI ice maker as well carried out and about for several employees a person's '5S' manager training, common the exec work of most all departments, according to actually the standards, carry information about troubleshooting and in addition rectification associated the problem, create another safe, remember to brush tidy and consequently comfortable office environment and natural for michael's staff. To start to improve and adorn the guarantee of performance norms with regard to domestic refrigeration market, Koller has took part in our drawing method of status and information mill standards to find 'commercial crushed ice machine', 'automatic icemaker testing methods', inches Particular needed for A thing not many and alike in many ways electrical retail ice machine' about dice ice machine, tube glaciers machine, burner ice machine, the icy temperatures room, icy chain as well as etc.
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