Reasons for motor burnout during use of commercial ice maker

by:CBFI     2022-03-12
Commercial ice machines are used more frequently in the hot summer, so long-term operation will cause the phenomenon of motor burning, but how should we solve these failures? The technology of Bingquan ice machine manufacturers will tell you . The failure of the burning motor is mainly caused by the excessive internal resistance of the ice bucket: 1: The ice blade bearing is broken, the gap between the ice blade and the ice bucket wall becomes larger, and the ice flakes are thicker and the ice blade bearing needs to be replaced in time. 2: The lower bearing of the main shaft of the ice bucket and the lower bearing of the main shaft are damaged. There is another possibility that it is caused by the main shaft. The ice bucket needs to be disassembled for inspection.

3: It is caused by the internal jam of the reducer or the transmission shaft of the reducer is broken. At this time, the reducer needs to be replaced.

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