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Reasons for choosing a snowflake ice maker in the laboratory

During the operation of the snowflake ice maker in the laboratory, the ice shape is in the shape of a snowflake, so it can provide a low temperature environment for the sample to prevent the sample from deterioration or degradation. But why is it necessary to use a snowflake ice maker in the laboratory? Advantages of Snowflake : 1: The sample can be placed in the container of EP tube, centrifuge tube or PCR tube. Our sample tube is inserted in Snowflake ice, and the temperature is transferred by touch control, mainly because the sample cannot be directly connected to water The contact needs to be transmitted through the pipe wall. 2: In the snowflake ice maker used in the laboratory, the ice cubes are in the form of crushed ice, and the sample with very small particles is in contact with the tube wall. 3: The water content of the snowflake cbfi ice machine reaches 20%, so that the sample ice bath has a better effect. Product features: 1: Brand compressor, good cooling effect. 2: Pure copper ice bucket, stainless steel ice skates, stable and firm to use. 3: Spiral squeeze ice-making method, unshaped granular ice, penetrates into a narrow space, and has a good ice bath effect. 4: When the ice is full, water is lacking, or the cbfi ice machine is lacking, the equipment will automatically shut down for protection. 5: Stainless steel metal shell, beautiful appearance and durable. Related reading: What kind of ice cubes are the ice machines in the laboratory?
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