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Reasonably purchase the supporting parts of the ice machine


  Reasonable purchase of supporting parts and accessories for the ice machine

   When buying an ice machine, the correct selection of supporting parts can increase the service life of the ice machine and improve the efficiency of the ice machine. The main parts needed are filters, connecting water pipes, etc.

  1. Filter:

   The filter needs to be purchased separately by the customer and installed at the front end of the ice machine. The food industry uses an ice machine, and a filter is generally installed at the front end. In order to improve the life of the ice maker, the laboratory also needs to use a filter.

  Tap water generally contains inorganic salts, organic matter, and even bacteria, especially in areas with hard water, making the ice inedible and affecting the life of the ice maker. After the filter removes impurities in the water and improves the quality of the ice, it can be eaten with confidence.

  2. Connecting the water pipe

   Generally, during the purchase of the ice machine, the manufacturer will randomly distribute the connection water pipe. However, after using the ice machine for a period of time, the connecting water pipes will be aging, damaged, etc., and a new water pipe needs to be replaced.

  Bingquan cbfi ice machine manufacturer reminds that customers should choose appropriate matching parts according to their needs.

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