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Quick-freezing and fresh-keeping of aquatic products

Quick-freezing and fresh-keeping of aquatic products


After a fishing moratorium for more than three months, southern China started fishing! !

The fishermen's motors started buzzing, and all the major fishing ports were empty, starting a new round of cultivating the sea.

Case customer background

The old fisherman, Uncle Yao, has been dealing with fisheries for most of his life, and is the "boat boss" of this sea.

When I was 18 years old, I began to follow my father’s generation to enter the sea, not only mastered the skill of sea opening, diving, and fishing.

, I am also very familiar with sea conditions and sea conditions. At the beginning, the way of trading on the dock was very simple. Fishing was ashore, waiting for sellers, and buying and selling. Although the fishermen who depended on the sky for food had enough food and clothing, it was difficult for them to rise to the next level.

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The young Uncle Yao often followed his uncle to deliver goods and find buyers in big cities, and has experienced the world.

 I also want my family to live a better life. Coupled with the government's subsidies and support for fishery development, Yao Shuxian took out a loan to build a dual model of fishing + breeding. Years of experience helped Yao Shu quickly accumulate primitive wealth. Later, through the accumulated contacts, Uncle Yao got on the line of the Supermarket. Provide all kinds of seafood for the supermarket, although the supply has been very stable. Unwilling to be content with the status quo, Uncle Yao wants to push his seafood to a larger market, and the fish caught can be provided to the market as soon as possible in order to maximize economic value. It is not easy to transport live seafood over long distances and requires higher cost transportation. Many precious seafood will be transported by air, but the price is higher; more seafood is still provided to the general public and transported by land to reduce The cost and the price of seafood. Freezing seafood can not only ensure its quality and freshness, but also greatly reduce the transportation cost.

Customers consult CBFI for the complete set of solutions and equipment for thawing and quick freezing

Uncle Yao thought of Bingquan Refrigeration(CBFI ice machine), which he had sold his flake ice machine, and tried to ask us if we have a complete set of solutions and equipment for thawing and quick freezing. We, of course!

Bingquan Refrigeration not only provides one-stop service for R&D, production, manufacturing, and after-sales

It is also a solution service provider for a full set of solutions. After confirming the cooperation, Bingquan Refrigeration quickly formed a plan team to make a plan for Uncle Yao’s quick-frozen seafood plan, and finally decided to build a production line for it. Including 5 tons flake ice machine, ice storage room, tunnel type quick freezing room, thawing room, after the commissioning,

Uncle Yao quickly started production.

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High-quality seafood sources, plus a complete set of solutions provided by Bingquan Refrigeration. Helped Uncle Yao to win Wal-Mart's supplier quota! If you are buying frozen fresh food in the supermarket at this moment, maybe the frozen fish and shrimp in your hand are all masterpieces by Bingquan and Uncle Yao.

We are Bingquan Refrigeration. We are the best quality partner by your side!