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Quenching device in cold water machine

Traditional metal plasma arc surface hardening device without suitable machine use cold water, often appear the plasma quenching device real-time performance, not easy to control influence the effect of quenching parameters.

in order to achieve the above purpose, for the plasma arc surface hardening device metal materials, including the nozzle, the nozzle described in Settings with ion chamber, around the ion chamber cooling cavity, the outer wall of the nozzle has connected with ion chamber inlet pipe installation, and respectively connected with cooling chamber inlet and outlet pipe, its characteristics is also includes circulating cooling water system, pneumatic system, dc power supply, dc power supply control system;

circulating cooling water system including the chillers, flow switch, described the cold water machine, flow switch and the nozzle inlet and outlet pipe circulation connected circulating cooling water system; Described including source of argon gas path system, described in the argon gas source in turn through a pressure reducing valve, flow meter and nozzle inlet pipe connecting gas circuit system; Dc power supply with nozzle electrodes in electrical connection, dc power supply control system composed of programmable controller, constant current source, mentioned on the programmable controller access has a touch screen, programmable controller output with constant current source input electrical connection, constant current source output connected to the dc power supply electricity.

utility model including the nozzle, and nozzle with dc power supply, dc power supply control system, circulating cooling water system, pneumatic system. Constant current source of dc power supply, programmable controller and touch screen control system;

cold water machine, flow switch and nozzle inlet and outlet pipe of circulating cooling water system; Gas circuit system by the argon gas source, reducing valve, flow meter of air inlet pipe and the nozzle.

in the utility model, the nozzle in circulating cooling water system can work for cooling, and can effectively save water; With a pressure reducing valve and meter gas path system, plasma arc is created for the nozzle to provide certain pressure and flow rate of argon, when argon gas entering the nozzle, can be accurate to argon gas pressure and flow control;

the utility model can be in touch screen input requirements of current, voltage, adopt the way of communication, the input current and voltage values into programmable controller input, through the programmable controller, the processing of constant current source, and then output the actual requirement of current, voltage, convenient operation, good real-time, accurate and reliable.

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