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Purposes and principles of vacuum freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze drying machine ( Hereinafter referred to as: the lyophilizer) Principle is to use the sublimation principle, make the freeze in advance of the moisture in the material, not after the melting of the ice, directly in an ice sublimation, for water vapor is removed, so as to achieve the goal of freeze drying. Dry at low temperature, volatile component loss is small, some of the material is almost the same size, maintained the original structure, not happen enrichment phenomenon, suitable for some chemical products, medicine and food drying. So their use is mainly used in biology, medicine, pharmacy, food, nutrition, health care products, etc.

1, medicine, pharmaceutical field

used in serum, plasma, vaccines, enzyme, antibiotic, hormone and preservation of Chinese and western medicines such as dehydration. In terms of injection, freeze drying process, the more can improve the drug quality and storage period, to bring the benefits to both doctor and patient.

2, biological field

it is mainly used in serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones and other drugs production; Biochemistry examination drugs, immunology and bacteriologic examination drugs, bacteria, arterial blood, bone, skin, cornea, long-term preservation of nerve tissue and organs, etc.

3, food field
can be used for fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, condiments, convenience foods, and famous specialty dry, to keep food original color, aroma, taste and shape, freshness is constant, the purpose of good water and complex, convenient for storage and transportation of finished products and reduce cost, extended shelf life.

4, nutrition, health care products field

in freeze-dried edible bird's nest, cordyceps, royal jelly, ginseng, turtle, turtle, such as nutritional health products, vacuum freeze drying technology, more make people believe that the pure natural nutrients.

food freezing dryer

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