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Pulse tube refrigerator

Is the basic principle of pulse tube refrigeration using high and low pressure gas rushed to pulse tube cavity is deflated and low temperature, it is essentially a form of Simon expansion refrigeration.

basic vascular refrigerating machine is 1963 by Gifford and grandma Longsworth proposed and developed, the system consists of compressor, switching valve, regenerator, the cold end heat exchanger, flow diverter, pulse and pulse tube closed the water cooler. Compressor as a pressure wave generator, prevent gas turbulent mixing of diverter. Its working process is as follows:

(1) high pressure gas through controlled switching valve through the regenerator, the cold end heat exchanger, diversion, to laminar state into the vascular, gradually pushing pipe gas move to closed end, at the same time to make it to be squeezed, pressure along the tube length, temperature rise, reached the highest temperature in vascular closed end.

2. Decorate a water-cooled heat exchanger on the closed end to take away heat, the temperature and pressure of the gas inside heat release and the slightly down.

3. Switch valve rotation in the low voltage side of gas and air supply system, the gas again in laminar flow state within the vascular gradually to air expansion, low temperature gas expansion step-down.

(4) switching valve conversion system and the gas source high side connected again, so as to complete a cycle.

the working medium is usually for vascular refrigerator He. Vascular refrigerating machine is running, vascular axial temperature gradient exists, the gas inlet end low temperature, high temperature in the closed end, after this container with adiabatic deflated gas temperature is uniform.

discussed above with a switching valve basic vascular refrigerating machine due to gas through the valve and throttle loss reduces the refrigeration efficiency. Aiming at this problem, Gifford reversible basic vascular industrial ice machine are put forward. It canceled the switching valve, and directly to the piston within the cylinder reciprocating motion to produce gas pressure fluctuations in vessels.

basic vascular refrigerating machine because of the external heat loss, low efficiency, so the refrigeration temperature is limited, only lowest of 124 k. After improving, the various types of vascular refrigerating machine, such as thermoacoustic driver vascular industrial ice machine ( Vascular) is driven by thermoacoustic oscillation due to the pressure wave Vascular, two-way, small groove inlet vascular, multistage pulse tube, etc. At present, the single stage vascular refrigeration temperature has reached to 23. In recent years, the 5 k multistage vascular research also has a great progress. In 1999, the Dutch professor adopted in a helium 3 laser vascular refrigerator won 1 of three pole. Low temperature of 78 k.
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