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Protection measures of lithium bromide absorption chillers

In order to ensure the normal operation of chiller, prevent fault caused by accidental causes, lithium bromide absorption chiller should be set up to prevent crystallization of lithium bromide solution, preventing evaporator inter-cooled agent, shielding pump protection, prevent the water freeze protection measures such as cooling water pollution. The properties of the lithium bromide solution shows that when the concentration of the solution is excessive concentration or temperature too low, solution crystallization occurs, blocking the flow channel, destroy the normal running water chiller. To prevent crystallization of lithium bromide solution, usually adopt the following measures:

in adding water chiller manual valves control the cooling water of the bypass pipe, if all of a sudden power outage in the running, open the manual valve, make the industrial ice machine in the evaporator, water bypass to the absorber solution diluted, so as to prevent the generation of the crystal.

set up automatic dissolved silicon tube. In the upper portion of the chiller overflow tank the generator outlet connection a J shaped tube, J on the other side of the coil into the absorber.

in the chiller pipe installed on the generator outlet concentration solution temperature relay, control the heating steam valve opening, too thick fluid temperature is too high to prevent solution concentration, to prevent the concentrated solution crystallization exit in the heat exchanger.

liquid bag installed on water chiller evaporator liquid level controller, level is high, the cooling water bypass to the absorber, too thick for preventing solution concentration and crystallization.

in the chiller pump and the evaporator pump delay relay installed solution, make the water chiller after turning off the heating steam valves, a double pump can run around 10 min. As a result, the water chiller concentrated solution of dilute solution in the absorber and generator can be fully mixed, also can make the industrial ice machine in the evaporator water can absorb spray solution, get diluted solution, can prevent after parking solution due to lower temperature and crystallization.
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