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Prospects for the development of ice machines in 2019

With the rapid increase in demand for ice in human production and life, and the continuous expansion of ice applications, ice machines will also be widely used in commercial fields such as biological fungus breeding, frozen fruits and vegetables, and freeze drying. On the other hand, with the continuous improvement of my country's industrial processing accuracy and automation level, it can be foreseen that the 2019 ice machine will be used in the cold chain construction of perishable food, coal chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower construction, seawater desalination, ice storage technology, and heat protection in mine cooling. The application, development prospects and market space in the fields of harm, etc. will be further expanded. my country's refrigeration technology is developing rapidly, and the ice maker has no gap with developed countries in terms of manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level, and material selection. And the price is convenient to crush European and American manufacturers. Now ice machines are becoming more and more popular abroad, and the foreign market will continue to grow. With the development of the times and the improvement of people's living standards, ice machine products closely related to hotels and entertainment venues are bound to have great development prospects. At present, the annual output of domestic ice making machines is about 200,000 units. The market space is huge, but competition is also intensifying. For example, large-scale ice machines are mainly used in large-scale commercial supermarkets, meat food processing, ice storage air-conditioning, concrete cooling, textile chemicals and other fields. Small ice machines are mainly used in hotel restaurants, commercial establishments (coffee shops, KTVs, bars, etc.), medical biology and other fields. From the perspective of my country's overall environment, the ice machine industry will gradually have broad market prospects as people's lifestyle changes. At present, the development situation of many large-scale cbfi ice machine enterprises in our country is generally stable and the development situation is good. Many small cbfi ice machine companies are in a state of 'Warring States' contending for supremacy. According to survey statistics, there are almost 3 to 5 small ice machine companies established in my country every year. Previously, due to imperfect industry standards, the market often seemed chaotic. Moreover, the relevant state departments have not done well in quality supervision. The cbfi ice machine industry is still an emerging industry in my country, with huge market space and increasing competition. Because of the wide range of application fields of refrigeration equipment, the requirements of different fields are also different. With the rapid development of various industries, the requirements for refrigeration equipment will also become higher and higher. Therefore, enterprises are in terms of machine manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level, and material selection. Further efforts are needed.
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