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Programmed cell temperature drop application and model parameters

Programmed cell temperature drop application and model parameters to

cells program temperature drop, also known as programmed temperature drop, cell program to freezing device, its widely used in light industry, agriculture, medicine, basic biological research and other fields, used in lymphocytes, organization and library, bone marrow cells, tumor cells, animal cells and plant cells, myocardial cells cryopreserved.

cell program temperature drop USES the microcomputer control technology, proprietary software, can accurately control the liquid nitrogen volume, thus ensuring the cryopreserved biological products to suitable for freezing rate and cooling frozen. The instrument has simple operation, the man-machine interface.

clinical medical work at low temperature has developed rapidly in our country, promoted the growth of transplantation medicine, especially in the bone marrow, the hematopoietic stem cells, skin, cornea, endocrine glands, and blood vessels and valves of cryopreservation and transplantation has achieved remarkable results. Successful hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is dependent on the preservation of the hematopoietic stem cell vitality.

biological samples in the process of cooling of frozen, when change from liquid to solid phase transition period will release a certain quantity of heat, make its temperature picks up, don't control the cooling rate of the freezing processes will lead to cell death. Accurately the phase transition point of biological sample, using microcomputer temperature program, in order to increase the amount of liquid nitrogen input when samples of phase transformation, to overcome the phase transition temperature of the sample, the cell safety and quickly through the phase change period, which is the key to improve the survival rate of frozen samples.

a, cell program temperature drop the main technical indicators to

range of temperature control: - 180 ℃ and 40 ℃

temperature accuracy: error & lt; 0. 5 ℃

the cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 30 ℃ / min range of optional

heating speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 30 ℃ / min range of optional

instrument structure ( Standard configuration) :
microcomputer system: a built-in refrigeration control card, as long as the software will be run when frozen.
cooler: inside and outside the whole stainless steel structure, the refrigeration capacity machine is not less than 200 * 200 * 200 mm. Can accommodate 160 or bags eight freeze pipe.
dewar liquid nitrogen tank and liquid nitrogen pressurizer: liquid nitrogen pressurizer is installed on the 30 lisheng liquid nitrogen tank, the tank pressurization valve to be pressure stability.

2, programmed cell temperature drop parameter list


technical parameter

TF - PRL - PA- Type I

range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 90℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 30 ℃ / min range of optional

TF - PRL - PA type

range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 110℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 40 ℃ / min range of optional

TF - PRL - PA- Type II

range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 150℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 40 ℃ / min range of optional

TF - PRL - PA- Type III

range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 180℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 50 ℃ / min range is optional
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