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Program temperature drop experiment operating considerations

Program temperature drop, also known as frozen, manufacturers for you finishing the program temperature drop experiments to notice:

1, select the appropriate freeze frame and sample temperature probe;

2, the sample probe inserted depth of the cryopreserved at least for samples in half, the top of the probe shall not contact the wall;

3, bags sample temperature probe pressure at the bottom of the bags, please, and ensure that the flake smooth surface ( No probe line out side) Close to the patient;

4, samples with simulated sample ( Put the probe sample) Into the cryopreserved cavity, must be the same temperature;

5, must let stand in sample temperature and cavity temperature to the same temperature, the first step to press RUN to start the second step cooling again;

6, potential hot spots should appear at the end of the second step in the slow cooling into the rapidly widening difference in temperature of the third step early;

7, such as potential hot spot location time is wrong, the end of the second step can be adjusted according to freeze graph temperature points, form new optimization program, and verified the new samples;

8, the recovery rate is the important standard for testing the success of cryopreserved, sometimes even curve rare exceptions, but as long as the recovery effect is good, don't pay close attention to;

9, cooling rapidly after the completion of transfer samples to liquid nitrogen tank, let the plasma vitrification state formation. Watch the warming in the process of transfer is too large, Close, transfer or frozen storage container transfer) 。

program temperature drop parameter table

type no.

technical reference number

TF - PA- I

range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 90℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 30 ℃ / min range of optional


range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 110℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 40 ℃ / min range of optional


range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 150℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 40 ℃ / min range of optional


range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 180℃; Cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 50 ℃ / points within the scope of the optional

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