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Professional ice machine can help you develop summer catering business

In the hot summer, ice cubes are widely used in the restaurant market and many areas. Many people think that 'all ice cubes are the sameFrom the perspective of the summer catering industry, we must first choose the right machine and use the right ice cubes. There are various designs of ice machines, which can provide fast and energy-saving ice-making solutions for hotels, fast food restaurants, bars, dance halls, food courts, supermarkets, industrial institutions, etc., to meet the various needs of different enterprises. What is a professional ice maker? Different ice scenes and specific uses of ice cubes require different ice cube shapes, such as round ice, bullet ice, cube ice, snow ice and mineral ice. Different types of ice machines The shape of these ice cubes depends on how the machine is made. For example, spraying water on the evaporator with a set of nozzles can produce dense circular ice; using a finger evaporator with propellers can freeze Noodle bullets. Dense Wheel -CS Series Ice Maker This series of ice makers are made of round ice. The dense structure allows the round ice to last a long time when in use. It is especially suitable for hotels, bars, fast food restaurants and other occasions. More ice storage capacity, easy to master the biggest feature of CS series ice maker is its large capacity refrigerator. This design makes it easy to handle large ice applications. At the same time, the operation of the machine is very simple, and the status can be seen directly on the operation panel of the fuselage. Sturdy body, easy to clean CS series ice machine adopts durable stainless steel shell, no need to worry about rust. At the same time, the machine is easy to clean, which greatly improves the work efficiency of cleaning staff. Quick cooling bullet ice-E series ice maker This series of ice makers can cool bullet ice quickly. The special manufacturing method makes the surface area of u200bu200bthe bullet ice very large. The ice cubes produced can play a role in rapid cooling and are widely used in the catering industry. Special fuselage design, small footprint, the fuselage adopts V-shaped icing design, the door is open, and the side of the fuselage is equipped with a drain pipe, which greatly reduces the ground space required to use the machine, and can enjoy a large amount of ice storage Without worrying that this place is not enough. Multi-size cube ice maker-M series ice maker This series of ice maker can make three sizes of ice cubes, including regular ice cubes, half ice cubes and large ice cubes. This machine adopts the method of spraying continuous and regular water flow on the vertical cooling surface, which can produce a large amount of cube ice in batches, and is especially suitable for places with a large amount of ice. Environmental protection machine with low water consumption Due to the special design of the M series ice maker, it can not only produce pure ice cubes, but also has the advantages of less water consumption and more environmental protection. Snow ice machine with high water content-F series Tube Ice Machine This series of ice machines make snow ice. The production of snow ice is achieved by using a vertical cylinder with a drill bit and an ice crusher. The water content of the ice cubes produced is very high. Therefore, it is very beneficial when preserving fish and food, and is the basis for truly fresh food. It is widely used and can be used in restaurants, bakeries and laboratories. The high-quality stainless steel valve body F series ice machine not only has the appearance of stainless steel, but also uses stainless steel material even with the internal evaporator. It not only has a large output, but also has the characteristics of water saving. More humanely, there are two options for machine storage refrigerators: combined and separated, and the equipment functions will be more flexible. Low-water mineral ice maker-NU series ice maker mineral ice is produced by a vertical cylindrical evaporator with a rotating spiral ice knife inside, which squeezes the ice cubes out of the inner surface of the evaporator, and It is lifted to the exit, and the ice mold at the exit squeezes the ice, pressing the ice into a cylindrical shape. Due to its low water content, this ice can reduce the dilution of ice water when drinking cocktails and carbonated drinks, and it tastes very good. Mineral ice is very easy to store, place and weigh, and can be used in bars, restaurants, vegetable farms, supermarkets and industrial places.
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