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professional container cold room type for freezing

professional container cold room type for freezing

Professional container cold room type for freezing

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                                                          CBFI China Cold Room Manufacturer for Tea leaves

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Tea Leaves Cold Room
        Tea leaves are easy to absorb moisture and odors, therefore we need to pay particular attention to its storage. The preservation temperature is between 0℃ ~ + 8℃ and is free to set. The relative humidity is below 65%, completely solve the problem that tea is highly perishable when leaves at high temperatures  and  high humidity surroundings. The tea cold storage is used to cool down and reduce the humidity, thereby reaching the purpose of keeping green tea fresh. The freezing temperature is controlled between ~18 ~  -10, which can prolong the storage time to more than half a year.

Storage of Fresh Raw Tea Leaves
        The preservation temperature is controlled between 0 ℃ ~  + 8 ℃. The temperature inside can be set freely. The relative humidity keeps at 65% or less. The problem that tea leaves easily turns yellow and bad enzymatically under high temperature and high humidity is solved completely. The tea leaves cold room reduces the temperature and humidity to achieve the purpose of keeping the leaves fresh and green.

Storage of Processed Tea Leaves
        The deterioration caused by microorganism limited by temperature, moisture, oxygen and other factors, while the odor pollution is related to the storage conditions. To prevent deterioration, the light, temperature, moisture and oxygen light, packaging materials must be controlled. The packaging materials should be light-shielding, such as metal cans, aluminum foil laminated bags. Vacuum, nitrogen filling or deoxidizer can be used to remove the oxygen. Because tea leaves have quite strong hygroscopicity, the relative humidity in cold room is better controlled at below 65%. The moisture content during storage should be maintained at less 5%. The storage temperature should be controlled in the range of 10℃ ~ -18 ℃. Then the storage period  can extend to more than 6 months.

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The Main Factors of Tea Leaves Deterioration
1.  Light. Light exposure has a bad effect on tea leaves, which accelerates kinds of chemical reactions.
2. Temperature. When the temperature is higher, tea leaves are easier to turn brown. Low temperature storage (Frozen) can effectively slow the browning and aging.
3.  Moisture content in tea leaves. When the moisture content in tea leaves is more than 5%, it will accelerate deterioration and promote the oxidation of residual enzyme making the color change.
4.  Air. The moisture odor substances, bacteria and dirt will in the air will affect the tea leaves. It will result in aroma loss when in the current air.
5.  Oxygen. Experimental results show that the deoxygenate can reduce the oxidation obviously.
6.  Microorganism. Microbial strains will remain on tea leaves.
7.  Odor pollution. Tea leaves will absorb odors and cause deterioration.

CBFI cold storage for chicken has gone through checks covering many aspects. They are color consistency, measurements, labeling, instruction manuals, humidity rate, aesthetics, and appearance. Despite a sophisticated mechanical product, it provides a clear operating interface
The design of CBFI cold storage for chicken is sophisticated. It involves the application of such subjects as thermodynamics, electrical theory, hydraulics, engines, and pumps. Its compact design and high integration make it an excellent fit for small- and medium-sized sites
The manufacturing of CBFI container cold room covers many aspects. They are materials acquiring, graphic designing, materials cutting, molding, machining, and finishing. It features low energy consumption, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness
CBFI container cold room goes through many tests in accordance with the regulations of destination countries. These tests include fiber identification, performance testing, flammability testing, and eco textile testing. With a high degree of automation, it removes unnecessary operation procedures
CBFI cold storage for chicken has gone through extensive performance tests. It has passed tearing resistance testing, temperature resistance testing, adhesion/anti-slip resistance testing, and moisture resistance testing. It features excellent operation stability and work efficiency
The product meets international standards in all aspects, such as performance, durability, availability and more. It aims to deliver continuous service and to significantly cut the maintenance and repair expenses of the customers
The product undergoes rigorous quality checks under the supervision of qualified professionals to ensure quality. It has an anti-abrasion spraying coat, which improves its long term abrasion performance
The product has a complete life cycle due to the strict testing which is in line with the internal and external standards. Thus, the product is durable in use for a long time. It can be used for various engineering purposes, such as buildings, roads, and bridges
Our experienced quality inspectors have performed comprehensive performance tests on products such as performance and durability in accordance with international standards. It has an anti-abrasion spraying coat, which improves its long term abrasion performance
Statistical quality control technology is adopted to ensure product quality is stable. It can be used for various engineering purposes, such as buildings, roads, and bridges
Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd provides both a strong container cold room manufacturing base and a powerful distribution network. It will not crack or flake off when it receives a mechanical shock
Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, marketing and service of cold storage for chicken together. The product comes with a sufficient supply of spare parts for replacement in case
The internal R&D capability and efficiency of Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd are impressive. It features excellent operation stability and work efficiency
cold storage for chicken is often praised by it's perfect service. It can be manufactured upon our on-site surveying, which ensures that it suits the needs of your project
By establishing normal management rules, CBFI can strictly guarantee the quality of cold storage for chicken. It significantly reduces manpower costs
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