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Professional and technical personnel will explain to you the working principle of the ice maker and ice making


Below, our professional technicians from Deqing Bingquan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the working principle and ice making process of the cbfi ice machine. Let’s take a look.

 1. The working principle of the cbfi ice machine. When the ice maker is making ice, the refrigerant is converted into a high-pressure vapor by the refrigeration compressor and enters the cooler. The cooler turns into a liquid through the air conditioning expansion valve throttle valve After being injected into the air-conditioning evaporator, the air-conditioning evaporator digests and absorbs the heat of the water and becomes a super low-temperature bottom-pressure vapor, which is digested and absorbed by the refrigeration compressor, and then the working pressure of the breathing is gradually reduced due to the production of ice. During ice harvesting, the hot refrigerant vapor reduced by the refrigeration compressor is injected into the air-conditioning evaporator through the hot gas valve to heat the ice cubes until the ice cubes are separated from the air-conditioning evaporator and slide into the ice storage room to ensure proper exchange The hot gas valve of the refrigeration compressor must be manufactured in accordance with certain specifications for heat and to avoid refrigerant liquid shock. The whole process of ice harvesting is shown in the figure.

  2. The power switch of the equipment is plugged in during the whole ice making process. The power switch is placed 'Ice Making'. At this time, the power switch 'CURTAIN' of the control panel is on, and the water pump and drain solenoid valve are plugged in first. Seconds (the drain pipe time is set to 45 seconds) to remove the remaining water in the stainless steel sink to ensure that the ice making water is fresh and tidy. The hot gas valve is also plugged in during the drain pipe period, and the refrigeration compressor starts after 45 seconds. Electric fan (The cooling fan and the refrigeration compressor use the same AC contactor to control the main control circuit of the cooling fan, and a pressure controller is connected in series as the start and stop operation of the cooling fan. When the cooling operation pressure is higher than 1.72MPa, the cooling The suspected electric fan starts, and the cold suspected electric fan stops when it is less than 1.38MPa), turn off the water pump and the drain valve, and open the water inlet solenoid valve. The refrigeration compressor continues to operate during the entire ice making and harvesting process, and the refrigeration compressor is started for 5 seconds. After the hot air valve is turned off, the refrigeration compressor pre-cools the ice compartment (air-conditioning evaporator) for 30 seconds and then starts the water pump. When the water in the stainless steel tank touches the water level detector for 3 seconds (when the water level detector touches the water) The “WATER” indicator light of the water level line on the control panel is on) or the water valve continues to leak for 6 minutes. In the function of the water pump and the floor heating water separator, each compartment of the freezer compartment is refrigerated evenly, and then the ice cubes are produced. The water level line decreases. The water level line 'WATER' indicator light is off, and then it will start once Replenish and moisturize until the water level detector touches the water for 3 seconds to ensure that there is sufficient water flow to make ice.

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