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Production supporting the lyophilizer cooling with cold water machine maintenance inspection

The bulk of the freeze-drying processing production the lyophilizer equipment used in the cooling way for water-cooled, supporting by cold water machine for cooling. Its principle is to provide cooling water into the cold water machine production of the lyophilizer water condenser heat exchange with the industrial ice machine or frozen oil, by take away heat cooling medium temperature drop. Screw compressor motor adopts water cooling, cooling water through the compressor, take away the heat generated by the compressor is working.

production supporting the lyophilizer cooling with cold water machine maintenance inspection:

1, cooling water supply or flow is insufficient, may cause compressor damage and relief valve open cause industrial ice machine leakage;
2, the pressure and flow of cooling water can meet the demands of the lyophilizer design ( Detailed parameters according to the model) ;
3, cooling water inlet temperature conform to the requirements of the lyophilizer design;
4, cooling water cleanliness, Visual clarity, no suspension) ;
5, import and export of cooling water temperature difference & le; 5℃;

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