Production 100 square meters of the lyophilizer capacity 1 ton

by:CBFI     2020-10-04
With economic development, the market prospect of freezing and drying food and increasing demand, freeze-dried food production processing factory to the production of the lyophilizer freeze-dried production also increases gradually, therefore, freeze-dried food production line production equipment selection the lyophilizer has become the key. The following recommendations for you: 100 square meters of production lyophilizer processing one ton of fresh material, equipment type TF - FZG - 100

equipment characteristics:

1, freeze-drying box, and partition in strict accordance with the GMP production, cylinder adopts 304 stainless steel material, internal mirror polishing. Production process and requirements is higher than the current domestic routine freeze-dried food vendors would
2, using the body cold trap one-piece, well after the chamber design, compact structure, equipped with observation window, observation window is equipped with lighting, easy to observe the situation in the cabinet. Designed to be easy to clean, no health corner structure or form;
3, clapboard according to customer demand customized plate layer, an optional aluminum plate layer or 304 stainless steel plate. Aluminum wire extrusion molding, surface smooth and flat, good heat transfer performance. 304 stainless steel plate layer surface drawing square steel profile is used for processing, smooth and easy to clean and good health.
4, cold trap water coil adopt clean stainless steel processing. According to customer demand to choose integral structure or split type structure.
5, refrigeration system components are in accordance with the high standard configuration import brand, cooling capacity, cooling speed, stable and reliable in performance.
6 vacuum pump, vacuum system according to customer requirements to provide diversity group combination; Use love to send high quality vacuum pump on science and technology.
7, adopts imported brand Omron PLC control system, convenient to store data and operation more easily. With automatic/manual two control ways, control mode can be arbitrary switching. Group process can be set up; May at any time during the process of drying the formula is modified, and can be arbitrary leapfrog;
8, by soaking or ZhengQiHua frost, rapidness creams and clean.

technical parameters:


TF - FZG - 100

effective area

98. 68

partition size ( Length * width * height)


608*54*1. 8

partition number


( 15 + 1) * 2

baffle spacing



the car number ( SUS304)



catch water capacity



clapboard temperature

- 45 ~ + 80

cold trap lowest temperature

& le; - 65

ultimate vacuum


& le; 2. 7

electrical heating ( Option)


24 * 4

installed power



the dimensions (crew Length * width * height)


15. 7 * 2. 5 * 3. 6




electronic control system

omron ORMON PLC + industrial control computer IPC ( With wifi with remote control)

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