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Probiotics powder lyophilized enzymes and spray drying technology advantages and disadvantages of the difference

Enzymes in animals, plants, fungi, etc as the raw material, by microbial fermentation of containing biological active ingredients of a particular product. Enzyme foods on the market at present mainly including liquid, paste, powder, tablet, etc. In recent years, the enzyme powder with its characteristics of easy to store, easy to transport, the most development potential of varieties of enzyme. However, the current market products exist & other; Low density, low activity and & throughout; Problems restricting its development and research and development of enzyme powder with a Gao Yisheng bacteria content, highly active component has become one of important development trend in the industry.

probiotics powder lyophilized enzymes and spray drying technology advantage difference: at present, the preparation of enzyme powder at home and abroad mainly include: spray drying and freeze-drying ( Vacuum freeze drying) And so on. Among them, the spray drying method of low cost, high efficiency, but due to high temperature, bacteria survival rate is low, more suitable for heat-sensitive low liquid samples. Part of the powder enzyme product is currently on the market by spray drying, the product does not contain or contains a lower number of active probiotics, cannot meet the requirements of probiotic products for the number of living bacterium ( 106 cfu/g or 106 cfu/mL) 。 Through the lyophilizer equipment of vacuum freeze drying products more number of living bacterium, less loss of activity, in the process of transportation storage processing easier, its cost is higher than the spray drying process.

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