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Probiotic bacteria freeze-drying equipment used for producing the choose and buy requirements

Because probiotics is a suitable for low-temperature environment the survival of the species, from probiotic itself characteristics and application is not hard to see, traditional food freeze-dried equipment cannot meet the demand of probiotics processing, medical pharmaceutical grade lyophilizer equipment investment, production cost is too high, therefore, the choose and buy of probiotic freeze-dried machine equipment used for producing request also need to be careful!

in accordance with the need of market, research and development design, produce Yu Yisheng bacterium producing and processing of the lyophilizer equipment shall apply. Frozen drying in situ, reduce drying process of complicated operation; Silicone oil as a circulation medium, and high precision temperature control, shelf temperature & le; 1 ℃, ensure uniform drying effect and product quality; Shelf temperature adjustable and controllable, drying process litres of controlled cooling rate, optimize the freeze drying process; Hand/automatic control mode, system, drying chamber vacuum sensor calibration regulation, fumble process, automatic production, system calibration, reduce the cost.

the lyophilizer equipment in probiotic producing processing application advantages: vacuum freeze drying ( Hereinafter referred to as: lyophilized) Under the low temperature, so for probiotics such heat sensitive material is particularly appropriate. In the process of freeze-drying, probiotics malignant mutations, dye bacterium etc can't be, so to maintain a probiotic original character. After vacuum freeze drying of probiotics producing porous, spongy, dissolve quickly and completely, almost immediately restore the original character. Freeze drying under vacuum, oxygen, probiotics activity can be fully protected. Freeze drying can eliminate - 95 More than 99% of the water, dry without that probiotic products can be preserved for a long inactivation, deterioration.

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