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Principle of freeze drying experiments

Freeze drying experiment principle

called the freeze drying vacuum freeze drying, referred to as 'freeze-dried, means it will be dry material frozen into solid, under the condition of low temperature stress using the sublimation of water performance, make the boring to a drying method of low temperature and dehydration. By using the sublimation for to water process is also called sublimation drying. In this process, the moisture sublimation heat required for rely mainly on solid heat conduction, thus freeze-drying belong to dry heat conduction. Get freeze-dried products of freeze drying, freeze drying process of freeze-drying.

when pressure is higher than 610. 5 pa from solid and start, such as water pressure heating temperature is the result of the first through liquid to gas again; When the pressure is less than 610. 5 pa water solid ice hot with the result of the warming is directly by the solid into a gas. Such material frozen first, and then under the vacuum state to its heating, make the moisture in boring directly by the solid ice into water vapor evaporation, achieve the purpose of drying.

freeze drying machine according to the system, cooling system, vacuum system, heating system and control system. According to the structure, by freeze-drying box, condenser, vacuum pump, refrigeration units, heating device, control unit, etc.

freeze drying machine, through technical reform, has the lyophilizer model, and the appearance, performance, and user operations are doing a lot of ascension.

1. Optional material.

each user can customize the brand accessories.

2. Heating function

freeze dryer heating function stability, better play to the advantages of freeze drying machine, in the process of freeze-drying, can adjust the product by heating function better.

3. All stainless steel fuselage

all 304 stainless steel, ensure product quality, good appearance.

4. LED panel screen

show clearly, the data is clear, and can record data link computers, full temperature curve analysis.

freeze drying machine production line, efficiency, workers have more than 3 years working experience, this ensure the production of mature. The phantom users choose freeze dryer. More phantom friend and communication technology.
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