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Precautions for using direct cooling block ice machine


Precautions for using the direct cooling block ice machine:

1. When the compressor is stopped for any reason (water shortage, excessive ice, power failure, etc.), it must not be continuously started , Restart every 5 minutes, so as not to damage the compressor!

2. Regularly check the inlet and outlet pipe joints to deal with the small amount of residual water that may leak!

3. When ice crushed ice is not in use, drain the remaining water in the inner tank, dry the inner tank of the refrigerator with a clean cloth, unscrew the drain connector cover behind the box to drain the residual water in the water tank, and then tighten the drain connector cover !

4. When the surrounding temperature drops below 0℃, there is a possibility of freezing, and drainage must be performed to drain the water, otherwise it may cause the water inlet pipe to rupture!

5. Please unplug the power plug when cleaning, inspecting and not using the cbfi ice machine for more than a week.

6. The drain pipe should be checked 1 to 2 times a year to prevent blockage.

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