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Precautions for the application of flake ice machine in supermarkets

1. The space in the supermarket is all an inch of land and an inch of gold. Therefore, the units usually used in supermarkets will be divided into more forms, and the forms of splits are also various, which increases the purchase cost to a certain level. In general, more copper pipes, cables, and labor costs will be added.) The non-environmental losses of the unit will also increase. The output of the flake industrial ice maker will usually also be affected, and the power consumption of the unit will generally increase. 2. The operating hours of the supermarket are usually 7:00~22:00, which requires the flake ice machine to run 3~4H early and store a certain amount of ice. The flake ice machine also needs to operate normally during the normal business hours of the supermarket. To supplement the consumed flake ice, this requires that the refrigeration system and automation system of the flake ice unit must achieve a high degree of accuracy. At present, most of the refrigeration systems of flake ice units are relatively stable. The automation system usually adopts PLC control. If the automatic system has deviations, it must be maintained by professionals or supplier technicians. The maintenance period is too long. This situation is relatively long. Affect the normal business of supermarket fresh food. 3. Fresh food stalls in supermarkets usually spread a layer of flake ice of 50~100mm at the bottom, and then build a circle of ice walls with a height of 50~100mm around the stall. From the process of flake ice stacking, we can observe: The flake ice must be relatively dry. Since most of the ice storage warehouses of the flake ice machines in supermarkets are not equipped with refrigeration cooling systems, the flake ice cannot be stored in the ice storage for too long, otherwise the flake ice will easily agglomerate and the flake ice will melt faster. Non-human consumption is large, which requires the continuous ice production capacity of the flake ice machine must be strong, and the performance of the flake industrial ice maker must be very stable.
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