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Precautions for ice machine line installation


Before using the cbfi ice machine, please check the relevant instructions for the installation route, or contact the relevant technical personnel. Now we briefly introduce the precautions for the installation of the ice machine circuit:

   1. Each set of pre-charged liquid pipeline refrigerant pipe route 3/8 diameter liquid pipeline and 1/2 inch diameter to form a discharge line. Each line has a quick connect connector at both ends, and one end has a Schrader valve to connect the latter to the condenser.   Note: The openings on the ceiling or wall of the building listed in the next step are the recommended small size to pass through the refrigerant pipeline.   2. The roofing contractor cuts small holes for the 2.50 inch refrigerant pipeline. Check the local code, a separate power to the condenser may require a through hole.  Caution: Do not bump or compress the refrigerant pipe when installing IT.   3. Pass the refrigerant line through the roof opening. Follow the straight route as much as possible. Any excess tubing must be left in the building.   4. Spiral beyond the pre-filled pipeline in the building. Use horizontal spirals to avoid any trap lines.   5. The roof contractor shall seal the holes in the roof according to local regulations.  Caution: Coupling on the pre-charging circuit set   Caution: Do not connect the pre-charged pipeline until all the wiring and molding of the pipeline are completed.

  Warning!  1) Do not directly apply heat to the back of the box, which may occur on the plastic parts.   2) Do not over-tighten the flushing and drainage joints, which may happen to the plastic parts.  3) Connect the power supply to the terminal block in the controller. If equipped with an electric box or a rear junction box, make sure that the machine is horizontally within 1/8 inch.  4) Delete any shipping or packaging materials.  5) Once the machine has been installed, please start the program in order.

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