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Practical method of using snowflake ice maker for specimen storage in laboratory

Snowflake ice machines are often used in laboratories. The ice type presents snowflake-like crushed ice with very small particles. The ice cubes can directly contact the tube wall, but how do we safely use the snowflake ice machine to produce snowflake ice Blocks can better provide a better low-temperature environment for experimental specimens. When we use the snowflake ice machine, the requirements for ice cubes are not too strict. Basically, the snowflake ice will have a water content of about 20%, so the overall effect of the snowflake ice will be affected when it is used. But the ordinary snowflake ice maker is slightly different from the laboratory snowflake cbfi ice machine. The obvious difference is that the ordinary snowflake ice maker has larger particles, that is, more water content, and the more important core component, laboratory ice making The main components of the machine are structured and the performance of the equipment is higher than that of an ordinary ice maker. The Snowflake is used in the laboratory to provide a room ice bath environment to prevent the samples used in our experiments from deteriorating due to excessive temperature, which affects the accuracy of the experimental results. Usually our samples are placed in centrifuge tubes or EP tubes, and then placed in an ice bath. The samples and ice cannot directly contact, but are transmitted through the tube wall. In order to provide a low-temperature environment, the tube wall and ice bath need to be enlarged. The contact area of u200bu200bthe specimen improves the living environment of the specimen, so the accuracy of the experimental effect is higher. Related reading: How to distinguish digital incurable diseases of snowflake ice machine
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