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Portable industrial cold water machine

Portable industrial cold water machine is mobile and convenient, used in flexible industrial water chillers, which include chassis, base and water tank. With the top of the base fixed installation chassis, the chassis bottom set inside the water tank, water tank connected with feed line on the right side, the right side of the inlet pipe through the chassis, with the top of the tank set has a sink, sink within first rectifier board and second rectifier plate is set, the first rectifying plate and a second rectifier and the water flow direction perpendicular to the first rectifying plate and a second rectifier board runs multiple grooves, the rectifier set between plate and a second rectifier board has the evaporator, the exhaust tube evaporator perpendicular to the flow direction, the right side of the tank connected with a water pipe.
portable industrial cold water machine has simple structure, reasonable design, the exhaust tube evaporator contact with laminar flow is very full, greatly improves the thermal efficiency change, cold water machine the refrigeration effect is very good, device is very easy to move and stability control at the same time, the device to walk round the oppression of also is very small.

The , essentially perfected by ice maker machine, is one of the first home appliance to be widely distributed.
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