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Portable ice maker for the supply of ice cubes

The portable cbfi ice machine is a very streamlined and truly stylish cbfi ice machine. It is suitable for the most complicated kitchens. It does not require installation or occupy the entire workbench space. It also provides unlimited ice cubes, which can be produced in one hour. Take out 2kg of ice cubes and pour directly into the water, just add water and wait. In summer, we often drink some beverages with ice, such as cocktails, lemonade, etc. The ice cubes added in it are produced with a portable ice maker. Features: There are three different ice sizes, so you can use smaller cubes for your drinks and larger ice cubes to keep the refrigerator cool. It is very compact, so it is suitable for small kitchens and even RVs and boats. It only takes about 15 minutes before ice making, so it is efficient and convenient.
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