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Points we should pay attention to in the maintenance of cube ice maker


   After we bought the cube ice machine, we must pay attention to the use and maintenance during daily maintenance and use, so as to extend the service life of the cube ice machine.

   The following are some things we should pay attention to during the maintenance of the cube ice maker.    1. The power supply of the machine is 380V, three-phase five-wire. When the ice machine is not working, please check whether the power supply is normal.  2. After the installation of the cube ice maker, customers need to observe the operation of the cube ice maker regularly or irregularly. For example, whether the cube ice maker’s water supply and power supply are normal, whether the compressor is abnormal when starting, and whether the ice making effect is up to standard.  3. The cube ice maker needs a good operating environment under normal operation, and the general poor operating environment will cause malfunctions such as: the ice making effect is reduced, the life of the machine is shortened, and the protection systems are activated.  4. The operator must confirm before operating the machine: power, water, and start work after it has been connected. If you find that the machine cannot start or the compressor does not start responding, please check whether the power supply voltage has a phase loss or the power supply voltage is too low.  5. Check whether the falling ice cubes are balanced under the normal operation of the machine. If the ice cubes are found to be too pure or have high transparency. Treatment: Adjust the regulator of the brine pump appropriately. 6. Confirmation of the amount of brine filling 25KG 'The brine bucket must be cleaned regularly, at least once a month, to prevent the precipitation of non-condensable substances at the bottom of the bucket'    7. The operator should regularly clean the cube ice maker to facilitate The cube cbfi ice machine has a good working environment to run in the best working condition. Clean objects 'condenser, evaporator, water supply tank' and some dirty and corrosive substances on the side of the machine.   8. Confirmation of ice bucket failure: Whether the ice bucket is too noisy when the cube ice maker is working normally, and whether the falling ice looks like small grain ice.   9. Matters needing attention: When shoveling ice, you must not shovel ice in the direction of the top to prevent the infrared protection device of the ice bucket from being shoveled to the point that its system protection action cannot work normally. Correct method of shoveling ice: 'Ice shovel downwards and upwards, or shovel the ice horizontally, do not shovel the top of the ice storage cabinet

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