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Play from maple industrial cooling water machine for laser

Cooling water machine for laser is a kind of individualized industrial refrigerating machine for laser industry applications, laser cold water machine mainly carried out on the laser equipment of laser generator cooling water circulation, and control the use of laser generator temperature, keep the laser generator can long time work. Laser equipment in the long running process, the laser generator will continue to produce high temperature, temperature too gao will affect the normal work of the laser generator, so need to cycle cooling water machine for laser cooling temperature control.

for the type of laser generator, cold water machine classification, divides into the cooling water machine for laser co2 glass laser tube cold water machine, carbon dioxide laser metal rf tube side of cooling water machine for laser, semiconductor pump laser, semiconductor pump laser chillers, cold water machine YAG laser industrial ice machine machine, uv laser, optical fiber laser cold water industrial ice machine.

laser engraving is rising in the late twentieth century, the most popular industrial processing means. Domestic engaged in laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, laser machine, laser cutting machine and so on laser processing equipment research and development, production and processing enterprises. The stand or fall of the cooling system is a key link of the laser engraving in a. Hongxin laser chiller was based on the cause, according to the characteristics and requirements of laser engraving equipment design and manufacturing of special water chillers, is indispensable to the laser industry.

in the process of the cooling water machine for laser in the laser processing not only protect the CO2 laser tube, YAG solid laser crystal and tubes riot; Full and constant temperature inside the laser cavity laser output power is stable, the laser cavity without hot variant, such as the laser beam quality are consistent. Select the appropriate laser cooling system can greatly improve the service life of the laser and machining accuracy, the performance of the laser device to the limit. However, the majority of users and manufacturers in type selection and recommend the laser cooling system are often is vague concept, many laser chillers and indicators on the market, the user is going with the flow, can't accurately to the laser equipment used to do reasonable protection. Below mentioned several index is critical for the selection of the cooling water machine for laser:

1. Refrigerating capacity

a. Just as its name implies is to the actual cooling capacity of the cooling system, the first indicator of laser cooling equipment selection.

b. Generally we can calculate according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of laser laser calorific value, to choose again.

P = P/laser heat & mu;

assumes that the thermal efficiency of CO2 laser tube & mu; Generally 15%, 80 w laser is the least need: 80/0. 15 = 533 w

that is to say, at the same time of producing 80 w laser, laser into the 533 w power, ineffective energy need take water cooling machine.

c. Sometimes, we directly according to the laser power supply of rated power input minus the laser output power to determine the refrigerating capacity of the cooling water machine for laser. Such as we often use radio frequency laser and solid laser can indicate the full power of the power supply voltage and rated current, rf laser coherent 70 w, for example, the required power input 48 v25a, instantaneous 36 a, can calculate the input power 1200 w.
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