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Plate, the condenser is introduced

Plate condenser heat transfer plate

plate heat transfer coefficient of the condenser is 2000 - 3000 W/( m2.℃) 。 With compact structure, small size, less power consumption, etc. Per unit volume of heat transfer area is 250 m2 / m3, every square metre of heat transfer and product need only 15 kg will belong to the material. Angry condenser according to air cooling way is divided into natural convection air carrying but condenser and forced convection air cooling condenser, the former is much used in household refrigerator condenser, and the latter is multi-purpose in small freon refrigeration device, such as air-conditioner, home air conditioning, automotive die kuai, refrigerated trucks and - 4 t mobile refrigeration unit. In water shortage areas, to reduce the consumption of cooling water, refrigeration unit with air cooling condenser. At present, also used in some medium air conditioning and refrigeration unit air cooling condenser.

air cooling condenser of heat exchange tube usually arranged according to the coil, industrial ice machine vapor condensation within the heat exchange tube, the air in the heat exchange tube drain. Because of the air side heat transfer coefficient is small, so on the air side of the single air cooling condenser is usually to add fin, etc. Some measures to strengthen heat transfer. This kind of condenser fan, don't need to save the power consumption of the fan, reduces the fan noise, and a low coefficient of heat transfer, general for September 16W/( IIJ2. cc) 。 Composed of coil and plate, coil is welded or killed on the tablet to strengthen heat transfer. It is a flat form of make it shutter again and coil welding, its purpose is to increase the cooling area of cooling measures, improve the ventilation conditions. Wire condenser is further improved on the basis of the louver, steel wire welding on both sides of the coil, and at right angles to the heat exchange tube, steel wire main drive for 1 - 2. 5 mm, a distance of 6 - lOmm。 Died of natural convection air cooling condenser is generally installed in the back of the refrigerator, work gives off heat through the heat exchange tube condenser to the tablet, louver plate or steel wire, and then from the tablet, louver plate or steel wire to air cooling. Natural convection heat exchange tube of the air cooling condenser is usually cast, tube spacing is 40 - 60mm。

forced convection air cooling condenser generally made from 10 mm diameter copper tube bending coiled coil, serpentine coil fault line. Owing to the condenser cooling medium is curtilage gas, so the heat exchange tube outside heat transfer coefficient according to the mass of the gas and density
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