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Plate ice machine cools down semiconductors

Plate ice machine cools down semiconductors


       Today, Guangzhou Bingquan will introduce to you the cooling effect of plate ice machine in the photoelectric semiconductor composite raw material in the reactor.

       Photoelectric semiconductor composite materials are used to manufacture various optoelectronic devices, mainly including various active and passive photoelectric sensors, optical information processing and storage devices, and optical communication materials.

       The materials used to manufacture semiconductors include silicon wafers, electronic gases, photomasks, photoresist supporting chemicals, polishing materials, photoresists, wet chemicals and sputtering targets.

       Similar to the chemical processing technology, the raw materials for manufacturing optoelectronic semiconductor composite materials also need to be carried out in a reactor. The reaction of raw materials in the reactor also requires the support of a stable temperature. Therefore, putting ice cubes into the reactor is the best cooling method, and plate ice is the most suitable of all ice cubes.


       Why not choose other types of ice?

      Flake ice is thinner than slab ice and melts too fast. Although ice bricks are resistant to melting, they are relatively large and need to be broken. The slab ice is of moderate size and will neither melt too fast nor too slowly.

      Slab ice is a transparent, dry, hard, and irregular ice cube with a thickness of 2-20mm and a size of 30×40mm~60×100mm. It has the characteristics of high cleanliness, high density, good air permeability, small surface area, uniform cooling effect, large cold storage capacity, no powder, constant refrigeration temperature, and adjustable ice size.

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     The picture below shows a 20-ton plate ice plant built by Guangzhou Bingquan for one of its customers. It is used to cool down the photoelectric semiconductor composite raw materials in the reactor.

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       Customer feedback said that the yield of raw materials after adding plate ice to cool the reactor has increased by nearly 20%-30%, the economic efficiency of the product has been greatly improved, and a lot of production costs have been saved.