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Pinghai Cold Storage Project

Pinghai Cold Storage Project


Pinghai Cold Storage Project

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Construction year: 2020

Project Type: Food Storage Cold Storage

Project capacity: 6,500 tons capacity. 1 fresh-keeping warehouse, 6

Project function: refrigerated seafood processed food, etc.

Customer background: *** Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. It is a well-known food processing enterprise integrating processing, research and development, production and sales, mainly engaged in frozen prepared food processing. The company has a total area of 50,000 square meters and a building area of 30,000 square meters. The company's main products include high-end fish balls, fish cakes, dried shrimp fish balls, fish noodles, fish rolls, Bao Xin Gong balls, cuttlefish balls, skewered fish steaks, Taiwanese hot dog sausages, corn sausages, steamed dumplings, and more than 30 high-end products. And more than 60 kinds of products in the middle and low-end market demand.

1、Frozen seafood is placed in the cold storage on the first floor


1、The cold storage on the third floor

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1、Cold storage unit

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5Evaporative cooling unit

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