Pharmaceutical vacuum freeze drier sterile and sterilization requirements

by:CBFI     2020-10-10
Pharmaceutical vacuum freeze drier sterile and sterilization requirements:

1. The requirement to the sterile room

19 - temperature 25 ℃, 50% humidity & plusmn; 100-5%, sterile level Grade 10000, interior walls, floor, ceiling should be smooth and seamless, so the Angle of Yin and Yang should be a small rounded corners, the paint should be antistatic coating, coating for embedded from the window edge, should try to prevent dust, switches, sockets, lamps and lanterns should be embedded and waterproof. Level of less than 100 sterile room, indoor shall periodically phenol formaldehyde fumigation and spraying sterilization, irradiation with ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp.

2. Sterile interior coveralls sterilization

staff clothes should be made of antistatic since, sterilization with ethylene oxide gases, such as high pressure steam sterilization with other fabric available. Clothes system self-contained, and designed to be able to cover your mouth and completely, head and limbs; All the clothes should special sterilization.

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