Pharmaceutical freeze drying machine working principle

by:CBFI     2020-10-10
Pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine works under the effect of low temperature, the solution of the drug quickly freeze, then sublimation drying under vacuum conditions, at the same time go out of ice crystals at this time, again through the decomposition to remove moisture that exist in the drug, eventually get dry. Freeze-drying technology application of the drug is a drug preparation, precool, sublimation and absorb dry and seal for the integration of work link.

pharmaceutical freeze drying machine, as the most key link in the pharmaceutical production, help drug stability. In pharmaceutical production, the medicinal properties of frozen under the condition of stability, avoid the efficacy of the drug imbalances and produce loss. After drugs in a dry, although its shrink to a certain extent, change, but the color and shape and composition of basic unchanged, avoids the production of enrichment phenomenon. Has pharmaceutical freeze drying machine used in the pharmaceutical industry biological products, chemical products, natural drugs, heat sensitive antibiotics, freeze-dried freeze-dried injection, raw materials, intermediates, oral lyophilized tablet, freeze-dried capsules, etc.

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