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Pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine discharging device

At present the lyophilizer ( Also known as vacuum freeze drier) Is the pharmaceutical industry and food industry equipment in medicine and food vacuum freeze drying recommendation. As countries the new process of drug production quality management norms, the state of the monitoring in the process of drug production is more and more strict, especially for aseptic drug freeze-dried production increasingly short transit time requirement. As part of the pharmaceutical industry sales of products in short supply, to increase production to meet the needs of the market, so the pharmaceutical the discharged requirements greatly increase the speed of the lyophilizer.

in the existing technology, the pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine generally adopts vacuum discharge or putting a way out of the material, adopts the vacuum discharge method API for powder commonly, but also some cake, cake of active pharmaceutical ingredients, it is difficult to be vacuum system, so the block API to adopt the way of artificial dolly, need to open the doors of the vacuum freeze drier, can increase the risk of pollution on active pharmaceutical ingredients; Adopts the push rod discharging method API within the bottle by finish pharmaceutical lyophilization process in vacuum freezing dryer and completely tamponade, after finishing the lyophilization process cycle by send the bottle discharging push rod, the current pharmaceutical discharging device of the lyophilizer generally adopt more joint shaft coiling structure together, this kind of structure is more complex, more troublesome, and installation and debugging and cleaning operation process is not stable and easy to cause pollution in the process of transport products. Therefore, need a kind of simple structure, convenient cleaning and stable performance of the pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine discharging device.

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